IT LABS Research & Development is a software company from Timisoara, Romania.

IT LABS provides smart sollutions for your home. We connect mobile devices with your home or your office, to create a smart space arround you. IT LABS inovates the project design of your house using smart phones and creates great experiences. Your bussines or your house become more comfortable with our mobile sollutions.

IT LABS Academy it is a a training center to develop your carrer in the field of computer science and software development. We follow our research and innovation about smart spaces with a new concept of programming school: highly interactive and self-improvement of our student. IT LABS trainers combine our passion for for teaching with a significant experience in research and development. The training center delivers high quality software development curricula for those new to programming and to experienced developers.


Our company develops android software application to increase the workflow of your enterprise.

We suggest you to develop Android applications to be in touch with your customers and business associates.

Aplications for marketing

Developed Android applications for customers who want to order products and / or services from you

Storage solutions

We offer storage and data collection solutions that you assimilate within the company.


Develop interactive games on the Android platform.

Solutions to Grow Your Business!

We design and develop android applications on client-server models to meet your business needs!

Does your company need mobile apps to grow?

IT LABS develops ANDROID or IPHONE applications at the customer's request, including server-side solutions. To collaborate you can ask for an offer by clicking the button below.

Ask for an offer!

Training & Bootcamp

Below you will find the IT LABS Akademy offer of courses for programmers, and the enthusiastic young people who want to specialize in programming.
The courses are personalized according to the learners' audience, they are made in small study teams, 10/12 for theoretical presentations, 3/4 for practical sessions.

Acces E-LEARNING platform

Java ...

Programming courses in Java

Java & Spring

Java & Database

Java & Design Patterns

Java & Code Refactoring


Enterprise Java

Java & Web Development

Java & User Interfaces

Database & Data-mining

Database & SQL


Big Data & NoSQL

Bussines Intelligence

Data Mining

Android Development

Android Development

Android & SQL


Web Development & User Interfaces

Front-end development


UI & UX Development

WordPress & E-Commerce


Python & Introduction in programming

Algorithms & Data structures in Python



Algorithms and Programming in C/C++

Object Oriented Programming in C ++

C/C++ for Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems

Software Quality Assurance

Test Automation

Software Testing

WEB testing & Selenium


Intensive BOOTCAMP study programs are offered for the first time in Romania and in Eastern Europe.

In a program of this type, our students will prepare and study daily from 8-10 hours / day at the IT LABS headquarters.

The price of such an intensive program is 450 EURO / month of study

  • Java Bootcamp (5 months)
  • Android Bootcamp (6 months)
  • Python Bootcamp (5 months)
Details for BOOTCAMP programs

Why to choose IT LABS ACADEMY?

Rigorous admission process.

Study in small teams of 3-4 people, for mentoring sessions and practical activities.

Interactive theoretical study sessions in groups of 10-12 students.

Experience over a decade.

Competitive prices.

Online Courses.

Tutorial and permanent monitoring of progress.

Homework and projects of individual or collective study.

Career counseling and guidance.

Students with outstanding performance will have free of charge.

Offers for internship for the best students.

Workshops for the development of analytical and engineering abilities.

Free English Professional Courses.

You're team needs to be prepared ?

IT LABS AKADEMY © offers customized training solutions for StartUP software companies.

Personalized Training Offer

Intelligent Building Solutions

IT LABS Research & Development © offers complete solutions for your home or office building.
We develop intelligent applications for collecting and processing data received from sensors with WEB or ANDROID interface.

Sensor networks for apartmants

Sensor networks for buildings

Sensor networks for apartmants

Sensor networks for buildings

Sensor networks for buildings

Sensor networks for building

Sensor networks for buildings

Energetic efficiency

Energetic efficiency

Energetic efficiency

Energetic efficiency

About Us

IT LABS Research & Development is a company from Timișoara , Romania

IT LABS offers smart solutions for your home. We connect mobile devices to your home or office to create smart space around you. IT LABS innovates your home project using a smart phone to have enjoyable experiences. Your office or home can become much more enjoyable with our software solutions.

IT LABS Academy is a training center that helps you form an IT career. We track development and innovation using a new school concept of programming based on interactive courses and the development of each student. IT LABS mentors combine passion to teach with extensive experience in research and innovation. The training center offers quality courses in software development for beginners as well as advanced learners.

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Comunication
  • Experience

Our team

We are a young team of programmers, web designers and marketing specialists.

Ovidiu Aritoni

Fondator, Trainer

Ovidiu Aritoni, has been working in software and higher education since 2005. He has worked in European research projects at the E-Austria Institute, West University and also in the software industry in France, Germany. Since 2014 he has collaborated with the Americas Petrogas. He is passionate about mountain hiking.

Sorin Chis

CoFondator, Software Developer

Chiş Sorin, creative and inventive, able to adapt to the changing priorities, with interest in technology. So far, he has a rich Java programming experience and application development on the Android platform. Passionate about geography and good music.

Andrei Bochis

Intern Software Developer

Student at West University, high school graduate at Nikolaus Lenau. He is passionate about computers and programming them in languages ​​like C ++, C, Python and Java.

Andrei Bolboceanu

Intern Software Developer

Andrei is a student of the Faculty of Informatics, passionate about technology, especially programming and web-design, in his spare time he is a photographer of events.

Emilian Zula

Intern Software Developer

Emilian is a student of the Faculty of Computer Science, ambitious and passionate about technology, especially in programming languages ​​such as C, C ++, Java.

Our offer

  • € 500-1500
    Mobile marketing applications
  • Update and maintenance
  • Database services
  • Server connections
  • Data collection from users
  • Custom marketing plans
  • Web promotion of your business
  • Request Offer
  • € 1000-3000
    Smart solutions for your home
  • Collection and storage of data from sensor networks
  • Housing monitoring
  • Detecting unusual behaviors
  • View data via mobile apps
  • Smart metering
  • Request Offer
  • € 1000-2500;
    Solutions for energy efficiency
  • Collection of consumer data
  • Data analyzed: electricity, thermal agent, etc
  • Energy audit
  • Behavior profiles
  • Predicting energy behavior
  • View consumption data via web or mobile
  • Request Offer
  • € 500-2500
    Smart solutions for offices and buildings
  • Intelligent security solutions
  • Custom access software
  • ANDROID applications to interact with your building
  • Smart-metering applications for your building
  • Web site development for buildings
  • Request Offer
  • € 500-2500
    Sensor networks for your business
  • Designing the sensor network
  • Collection and storage of data
  • Statistical data processing
  • Software solutions for analysis and interpretation of data
  • Software for knowledge extraction
  • Smart software solutions
  • Request Offer
  • € 500-2000
    Training for your company
  • JAVA courses
  • Database & Data-mining courses
  • Software engineering courses
  • Developing technical and engineering skills
  • Course support
  • Customized support
  • Presentations in-house or at your choice
  • Request Offer

Join IT LABS !

IT LABS offers special career opportunities combining software development activities with studying and research.
Becoming an IT LABS trainer is a chance to share your experience.
If you are interested in a career in our company you can send us an e-mail to


IT LABS RD offers internships for students in Timisoara.
We collaborate with the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, and with the West University of Timisoara.
Students interested can send an e-mail to

Contact Info

IT LABS Research & Development

I. Budai-Deleanu 13 street
Timișoara 300146, Romania
P: (40) 356-800009
P: (40) 728-433466